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Good Afternoon Everyone-
I'm having a really rough day today and NOTHING is helping. I am using everything in my aresenal, but this pain is starting to get the best of me right now. My pain has increased over the past few days and there is no sign of it letting up.

You know about the experience I had with the pm doctor and also know I was referred to a different one, but they can't get me in until October. My primary did start me on Neurontin 300 mgs, Lexapro & Skelaxin. Well, the skelaxin has started making me vomit every time I take it regardless of what time of day I take it, or whether I take it with food or without. I've taken the 800 mgs Motrin as prescribed also. Anyway, right now I am heavily using my TENS, heat and ice, I'm elevating my leg/knee, trying some mild, slow stretching for my back. I even soaked in a hot bath twice today alone. I tried meditation and relaxation techniques too. Now, my head is pounding because of the increased blood pressure from the pain. I guess the lack of sleep isn't helping either. I was so restless last night that I had to go to the sofa so I wouldn't wake up my husband.

I almost can't think straight I hurt so bad. I'm at the point where I feel I might need to go to the ER but really do not want to have to do this because during tourist season, it's usually at least a 2.5- 3 hour wait before you even get called back. Plus, I'm affraid that if the ER does give me some kind of injection that will ease this pain, it will be only temporary and then when the pain returns, it will seem even worse since I was able to have a bit of relief. Does that even make any sense? :dizzy:

Right now, any kind of support would be great because I just really am hurting and need a distraction. Sorry to be posting such a down post, but this is the place to come for this kind of thing, and I just need to get it off my chest. I'm sorry to be such a downer guys. I usually try and be upbeat, but today it's just not possible.

Take Care Everyone-
Hey Kathy & Jeanne-
Thank you for your post. I didn't take it as mean or rude in any way. I do tend to apologize when I hurt and have to voice my pain all the while telling others they don't have to apologize for speaking about their pain. I think part of it is because my family is the type that "toughs it out". In living with the chronic long term pain, I started getting the vibes from my family that I was just being too soft, and even had some of them say some really hurtful things behind my back when I was being treated for my pain on a regular basis by my primary. I won't apololgize any more. I know I don't need to do that here. I know I can come here and voice my feelings about this and each one of you will understand, so, I apologize for apologizing before...haha:) Everyone in my family has always expected me to be the strong one, and I guess in a way, I am too.

Yes, I can take vicodin, but my primary docs office perscribed a very small amount when I was there a couple of weeks ago. The doctor who saw me prescribed 10 of the 5mg. vicodins for break through pain. I used them sparingly and only when I was in desperate need for some relief. The scrip said to take 2 as needed, but I took only 1 trying to make them last. I had been seeing some improvement with the nerve pain with the Neurontin, but for the past several days, the pain is back with a vengance. The lexapro has helped me to not be so emotional over the pain which is a plus too, but as far as it helping with the pain, I can't say it does. I think it does help my outlook towards the pain. I think if I could take the skelaxin for the muscle spasms I might would be a little better off too, but because it's making me vomit, I'm affraid to take it again. I vomitted it back up the last 5 times taking it. I even tried breaking it and taking only half, and still vomitted. I don't know what's going on with my body, but I am developing more and more problems with oral medications. I guess that's just my body's interpretation of getting older "gracefully". haha again.

I am really trying to hold out until my primary is in. I'm not sure if she is in tomorrow or not, but I am going to call first thing in the morning. The other doctors in the practice shy away from me now that Dr. S has referred me to pm even though I'm not officially seeing the new pm doctor yet. The urgent care center is in the same building and has the same group of doctors that my primary is with, so going to urgent care/ER won't help much, BUT if I can't hold out until Dr. S is in, I may have to break down and get up there because this just isn't a good situation right now. They know I'm not just looking for medicine because I've been with these doctors for years and they all know my history, but they really do shy away from me since the referral to pm.

I think it's a shame too that any person living in chronic long term pain has to suffer for any reason. Shame on the people who made it come to this too...

Anyway, I thank you again for your response, and for putting the perverbial boot up my rear!! ;)

Hey KathyMac-
I did forget to tell you what she did....sorry!

For the time being, she is keeping me on Neurontin, Lexapro and told me to stop the Skelaxin. Flexeril is now in place of that, but I will only take that after I'm home from work because it really makes me sleepy. The pills are so tiny that I can't break them in half and try that because they crumble. She has me on very low dose of Vicodin as well. 5/500 mgs. She wants me to use them sparingly which I am all for. I asked her if she would prescribe Naproxin instead of the 800 mgs of Motrin because it seems to work better and she was more than willing to do that too. I really don't want to take the Vicodin, but when the pain isn't relieved by all of my other stuff, I am glad to have it. Oh, she said to increase the Neurontin to 600 mgs and see if that brings the nerve pain down more too.

I went to the pharmacy this morning and got everything taken care of and started with the Naproxin for the immediate pain. After an hour it had the pain down to a 6, so I took 1 vicodin which has me at a 4 now and that is deffinately a level I can work with and function normally. The scrip says I can take 2 of the vicodin, but I figure if 1 works, then that's all I will take.

Thank you again for the eye opener! Sometimes (quite often actually) I need a swift kick! I'm stubborn that way, a rebel I guess..:D

Take Care- Hope you are having a great day!