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Hi there,
I hope everyone had a good weekend! :)
I've started having deep muscle cramps, primarily in my back, buttocks and legs and was wondering if anyone had any experiences or opinions on the different muscle relax meds?
I've read about many people here taking Baclofen and am thinikign of trying it. Does anyone know how Baclofen compares to Zanaflex? More or less sedating? How effective? Other side effects? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

As background - I've tried Flexeril (didn't work), Skelaxin (side effects more than help), and Zanaflex. So far Zanaflex seems to work best, but really knocks me out, even at 0.5mg.

Thanks again for your help!
Hey Vickie-
I've used Skelaxin & Flexeril. The Skelaxin didn't make me as sleepy as the Flexeril does, but have been having problems with vomitting from the Skelaxin lately so have stopped taking that.

I've never heard of Baclofen before that I know of?

Please let us know what your doctor says! Be safe and take care :wave:

Skelaxin did absolutely nothing for me whatsoever..
Flexeril made me feel exhausted 24/7 and also a numb sensation.. It's really hard to describe, but I really couldn't do much of anything but just lie around. My arms and legs felt like jello. Very weird..

Currently I'm on 20mg of Baclofen 3x a day. It's working wonders for my muscle spasms in my legs (from the fibro I assume) and it does help a bit with my neck (herniated discs). The first few days of taking it, I felt delirious :dizzy: but not to an extent that anyone could look at me and tell that I was taking something. I could still control my body, but I felt really out of it and somewhat "giggly" :p The two times that I bumped up my dosage (I started with only 20mg once a day), I felt a little lightheaded, but very tolerable.. that only lasted a day or so at most. Now, I feel no side effects from it whatsoever, but boy can I tell when I miss a dose! I start getting muscle cramps from hell.