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Kinda new here, so if someone has already answered this, I'm sorry.

My husband has a lot of pain issues, and some times I think he is really addicted to pain medications because hes been on them for so long. He was shot in his knee when he was 13 years old, and has a lot of tissue damage which causes his knee to swell and bruise 6-10 times a month, and give him horrible pain. Since we've been together, every time he would get this pain, we would be in the hospital, he'd be getting percocets or vicodins, whichever they would give, and he would take 20 in 2 days. When he ran out, he complained all the time. Sometimes I felt like he was hurting his knee on purpose because the MRI and X-Rays couldn't find anything wrong with his knee, yet his knee looked like a basketball, color and shape.

He has now started seeing an orthopedic doctor who was put him on a fentanyl patch, which the 25 mcg/hr stopped working, and hes now on 50 mcg/hr. He uses a TENS unit when needed. The only problem with this, is its like hes getting hurt every day. He fell 2 ft out of a chair a week ago, and it still bitching about the pain. He HAD to go to the doctor to get pain medicine because he didn't sleep for 4 days due to his pain. Back on the percocets we go. A doctor at the emergency room told him to seek a methadone program, because he is addicted to the pain medicine, and is becoming immune to everything he takes.

I don't know what to do. He wants to try the methadone program to try and get off of pain medications. I don't know if it will work or not. I'm afraid hes going to be stuck on methadone for the rest of his life. Hes on so many antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics also, that I think hes going to be messed up for life, and could eventually overdose on this stuff.

We have an appointment in 2 days to see the people at the methadone clinic, but all I can think is, is this putting him deeper in the pain medicine hole of addiction(which he doesnt intentionally get addicted to them, it just happens), or will this help?

He cant take any pain at all! He stumped his toe the other day and thought he would die for 2 days. I just don't understand it, but I wont even take tylenol. I hate dealing with this, and I feel like by him going to the doctor, I'm feeding an addiction, but I live in hell otherwise. He's willing to try and stop these medications, but I need some other peoples input on this. I don't know anything about methadone or than its used for heroin addicts and those trying to get off of pain meds.

Hes been on avinza, hydrocodone, oxycodone, flexeril, skelaxin, neurontin, and god knows what else. Nothing really cures the pain, hes so immune to them.

Any suggestions?