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I am 29 and have had back problems related to what I just thought was scolosis since childhood.It is a long story I won't force you to read. I have had dozens of diffrent opinions but I finnaly have found a good PM doctor who did a MRI and was able to get a good look at what is going on. I have the scolosis that has rotation so no doctor wants to treat due to fear of spinal cord damage. I have several areas in my lower spine where the disc are pushing out of line due to the pressure of the scolosis. Part of my sacreal spine is just deformed. But what has made me totoally unable to function is my SI joint. I didn't even know there was a such a thing as an SI joint. My PM docotr thought I had a problem with it and sent me to have an epidural for the numbness in the leg and then six weeks of PT. and now there is no doubt I have had SI disorder a long time.
I take care of my mother in law full time who has Alzhimers. And even though I use a lift when she falls you still have to pull on her so I think that made all this worse. I was doing a bit better after going to PT but I took a nasty fall landing right on my bad hip and now I can't do anything. I can have another epidural but since I have had one I have had several people tell me that the epidurals made their bones thin or that it made it harder to control the pain in the long run. So I am worried about that because the last thing i want is my bones to get thin. I eventually am going to have to risk the spinal fusion to prevent my rib cage from effecting my breathing and if my bones are thin they wouldn't be able to put the hardware in I guess...I dunno.
I am just looking for advice I guess. I can handle hurting all the time it is when it is pain that make me totally unable to stand up or walk. Right now I am not functioning at all my husband is doing all the caregiving of his mother except baths, the cooking and well we are not even going to get into the cleaning issue. I feel bad for my husband having to do everything because he is paraplegic. He is very independent but still there are some things that are just easier or use to be I guess for me to do.
My PM doctor put me on darvocet because she was concerned what all the OTC pain meds I had been taking were doing to my other organs. The darvocet did nothing. She called me Lortab and Skelaxin they take the edge off.for about an hour,,,then I have five hours before I can take anything. I have tried TENS units with little luck. I go back to see the PM doctor in a couple of weeks and just have no clue what the next step will be. I am not looking for a miricle I just want to be able to function in my home. I am not able to stay online long but what I have researched I found there is some type of brace for SI joint problems. I am just grasping at straws but if anyone has experiance with this problem and wouldn't mind sharing your knowledge I would be very grateful