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Hi, I'm a 17 year old male. I don't drink smoke or do drugs. I am obese, but I'm currently on a diet.

Awhile back, I had made a post about pains I was having in my neck and the back of my head that I've been having for a long time. I was naturally scared that these could be symptoms of a brain tumor. I generally shrugged these pains off because they were ignorable and I found that when I wasn't paying attention to them that I felt alot better.

This brings us to a few weeks ago, I was getting feelings in my neck and head that I never felt before, such as a fuzzy, dull feeling if I turned my head a certain way. I was feeling a tingly, nervous sensation throughout my body as well. I was also having these weird feelings of light dizziness that came and went. So, I told my parents and we went to the doctor. He prescribed naproxin (sp?) and told us I needed to get an x ray on my neck. The x ray results came out and the doctor told us that I was having muscle spasms. It made sense to me, but why have they been lasting this long is what I wanted to know. After taking naproxin for about a week, I realized it wasn't doing anything. The doctor then prescribed skelaxin (muscle relaxants) to help my neck, she also pointed out that I had really bad posture and twitched my head alot, which didn't help the situation. Just to be safe- she ordered that I got an MRI. The MRI results came out fine. The skelaxin actually seemed to be working, because along with my neck pain, if I had placed my hand on the back of my neck I could feel something jumpy and twitchy feeling if I moved my head up and down. This feeling was getting lighter and lighter everyday. I felt great for a few days- the "tinglyness" and nervousness feeling went away because I knew that I had lots of tests done and nothing was wrong. Even the light dizziness feelings went away for the most part.

This brings us to recently. Recently, I've been getting these sharp little pains in my head. Now my question is- I know I had an MRI, but could there be something wrong with my head/brain that an MRI didn't detect thats causing these sharp pains like internal bleeding, or would that show up on the MRI in some way? I will say that I mostly feel these sharp pains when I move my neck, so could it just be nerve pain or something? Any answers would be appreciated and would make me less nervous.