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I don't think that what your doc is doing is fair to your husband at all! Age has no boundries on pain. I agree with Director about the seizure med. While I've been on one (topamax) for a short while, the bad really did start outweighing the good. And it never helped with any real type of a pain other than the headaches associated with the nerve pain migraines I had due to a neck injury. My hair is falling out, I have sinus problems now, memory loss, kidney stones, and troubles finding words, the list goes on. I don't want to discourage you because it does help some people.

On my worst days with the nerve pain in my arms and neck I found that skelaxin (muscle relaxer) and valium worked very well. Just can't get the doc to give me the valium while on the topamax because of drowsiness. I am now going off of the topamax because of the s/e's and I'm into day 4 and I already feel better. I hope you find a dr who will work with you!