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I have tried all the non-drug protocols that you mentioned, and none of them worked for me, I just got temporary relief for a short time. I have found no doctor who would even consider giving me a narcotic, they wanted to give me other drugs that don't work like Celebrex, Vioxx, anti-depressants, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, etc. I have been to many doctors in two states, so I finally gave up and just live with the pain. I take extra strength tylenol and Skelaxin, a muscle relaxant that I get from a doctor in my physcial therapy facility which takes the edge off sometimes, but the pain relief is not adequate.

I don't have the energy or patience to go out again looking for doctors who don't want to write prescriptions. One neurologist dumped me after one year of writing scripts for Ultram, which is classified as non-narcotic, she said pain management wasn't her specialty, but then admitted she was afraid of lawsuits! Another doctor i went to said Ultram is a terrible drug because it changes your brain, so maybe the neurologist did me a favor by dumping me.

Another problem I had with doctors is if you complain of chronic pain, they want to do something else to make more money for themselves like give you shots or surgical procedures, instead of writing a script for strong pain medicine which doesn't put money in their pocket. I felt if I refuse the procedure the doctor would think I don't want to be helped, so I just didn't go back to those doctors.

I hate to sound depressing, but I have a terrible quality of life with all the muscolo-skeletal chronic pain I have all over my body from injuries and degeneration/hernation of disks, etc. It affects every aspect of my life by limiting my activities, and also disturbs my sleep. I never get a good night sleep, I wake up several times during the night from neck pain, even though I have a chiropractic pillow. I feel like my back is unstable from all the pain, and sometimes when I get out of bed, I feel dizzy from the neck pain and can't stand up straight until I take a hot bath.

I certainly don't know what the answer is to the chronic pain dilemma, I have never found a doctor in seven years who treated my pain adequately. I hope you have better luck.