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I know this is frustrating and exhausting for you and I am so sorry you have to deal with it. Have any of your doctors ever talked with you about Flexeril or Skelaxin?

Flexeril isn't really such a good one to take during the daytime because if the drowsy side effects, but the Skelaxin is great because it doesn't make you drowsy or loopy. It's expensive if you don't have insurance though. My husband stopped taking the Flexeril and started the Skelaxin because he can take it during the day when his back is flaring up and can still function 100% normally.

There are always other things like a TENS unit, alternating heat & ice and slow stretches to help ease the pain too. The TENS unit can be a useful little thing to have around because you can strap it to your pants waisteline or a belt and wear it when you go out of the house.

Best of luck with this, and please talk with your doctor about it.