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Well, I had my three month check up on Tues, and my primary was trying to tell me that she thought I had reach MMI. I was not happy at all to hear that (even though I'm not really too sure what it means). Nobody has done anything (that has actually helped) for me in the last year, and I'm worse now than I was when I got hurt. I talked her into letting me see a neurosurgeon, but she kept argueing that pm would've sent me there if they thought it could help. Since when can one dr speak for another? Anyway, I stood up for myself for once!:D

She also gave me valium for my pain and sleeping problems, but it seemed to make me feel a little hyper. Does anyone know if this is normal? It did help my pain a little, but I was sooo sleepy the next day.

My next issue is the skelaxin that I took a couple months ago. It gave me really bad palpatations and I quit taking it. I'm still having palpatations nearly four months later. According to my pm doc, it could've caused some damage to my heart and he told me to let my primary know if it continues. According to my primary, she doesn't feel that it could've harmed my heart and is telling me that I will have to pay for the testing myself. When I told her that my pm doc said it can harm my heart she admitted that it could cause a "back-flow" problem and still insisted that I pay for it. I told her to forget it. Something tells me my primary is not on my side at all. Has anyone else experianced this kind of problem on their meds?