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I have suffered from clinical depression since 2001 after three shoulder surgeries from getting hurt on the police department and injuring my C6. Currently I take:

1. 40mg of Oxy three times daily
2. Was on Skelaxin four times daily but am now on a stronger muscle relaxer I can't even name but it does a lot better of a job.

3. Xanax
4. I'm on two anti-depressants: Celexa and Cymbalta.
5. Trazadone

It seems with me that even though I'm on AD's, I still have days that I feel low and crappy for no reason and I can't understand that. Like last night I went out for a 2 mile walk and felt great for the rest of the night. This morning comes and I can already tell I feel tired, low and crabby. My mom tells me that we are going on a walk and I tell her I don't feel good, meaning my body and emotionally. Well we go for a walk and I start feeling worse and there was no conversation between us. She was ticked off at me but I had already warned her that I wasn't having a good day. Does that make sense? :confused:

I know that exercise is very important for us that suffer from cronic pain. It's good for weight managment or loss and it gets your endorphins and seratonin stirred around in your body.

I'm only 28 and have to remind myself every day that this is something I have to live with for the rest of my life. So I can have a positive attitude and enjoy life or be trapped in my own body letting the pain and depression win out. I strive for the positive outlook even though I do have bad days like today. Just sluggish feeling and feel like isolating myself today. :(