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Hi, I have three herniated discs in neck and three bulging discs. I'm 3 months post op from back fusion surgery/laminectomy/discectomy (sp?). I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my elbow in 2005. Did not know about the neck problems. My work station caused the tendonitis. I've been home recuperating from the fusion surgery. My tendonitis is flared up. My elbow is swollen. Actually from the elbow to my fingers are swollen. I saw the dr. last week for all my issues. During therapy yesterday she came over and saw my elbow and squeezed it. She said it felt different and she hoped I did not tear it. I will see her next week again for it. Probably need MRI she said. She also mentioned EMG for my neck. I'm on Neurontin 1800 mg and Skelaxin 2400 mg and Ultram 300 mg. Those meds are for everything. Has anyone had a tear on the elbow? Just curious. I didn't see an elbow or tendonitis healthboard so wasn't sure where to post. I don't know how to start a new healthboard or I would do. Thanks.