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Orchid, I had my fusion surgery the same exact day as you. I was doing well until December. Now I have excruciating pain. My tailbone is killing me. Both sides of the scar hurt. The physical therapist says it is swollen tissue. My hips hurt. Now I have pressure and pain in my legs. I went to the surgeon who sent me for an x-ray. Called him twice and still did not get the results. I also have 3 neck herniations and a tear in the elbow tendon. I can't believe how bad the pain is. All the surgeon and ortho do is change my meds. Percocet is the only thing that takes the edge off. I am wearing my tens machine again which doesn't seem to be doing much. I sit on a heating pad every waking moment. That helps only when on it. As soon as I move it hurts. My primary thinks I am depressed because of the pain. So she gave me Effexor (sp?). I'm on 1800 mg of Neurontin and 2400 mg of Skelaxin. Still in pain. All the doctors keep reminding me I had major spinal surgery and it will hurt. No one can say how long. I looked at the x-ray and see no sign of fusion. Not that I know what I am looking at. Right now I am out of work until April although I don't see that lookin good.