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Hi everybody. I've been on percocet 10/325 4x daily. In the beginning one percocet did wonders, but now they only take the edge off, and only for a short period of time. Ive been complaing to my PM Dr (who I do like very much), and finally he started me 25mcg/hr fentanyl patch. I have chronic pelvic pain, and pelvic floor muscle spasms, and although the pain I'd say is usually a 5-6 in the summer, when it gets really cold it shoots up to a 7-8. My next appointment, I went in and told him it seemed to help a little, but I was still in a ton of pain, and he switched me to the 50mcg/hr every three days. Now I had a trip to the Bahamas I was going to three weeks from the day he gave me the 50mcg, so I was really really hoping it made a huge difference. It helped with the pain alot, but I seemed to have alot of urine rentention, to the point I'd sit there and try to urinate for 30 minutes, and nothing would come out (which is one of my symptoms ne ways, it just seemed to make it worse), and I was very tired. So I went in early, a few days before vacation to talk to and explain this to him, to see if there was something else he can do for me before I leave. He took me off the patch, and finally decided on oxycontin. He gave me the 10mg tabs, and told me no matter what to not take more than 1 day, as I'm on alot of medication (im also on skelaxin, and lyrica). I go back to see him again on Monday (tomorrow), and am planning on asking him to increase it to two a day, and to 20mg. My question is do you think its a little strange to go from the fentanyl patch at 50mcg to one oxy 10 per day? While I think the 10mg oxycontin maybe helping a little, I dont really notice much of a difference (I take it in the morning usually. Is it ok to ask for the 20mg twice a day? I really think that it would help me tremendously. I appreciate any help I can get.. Thanks alot!