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Hi, Id appreciate anyone who can offer there opinion. In my previous post, I explained I was on the 50mcg patch, 4 perc 10's, and 1 oxyir 5mg daily. I was only on the patch for about 1 month. I went to the dr, because I was having a bad side effect that I couldn't handle while on the patch (bad urinary retention). He took me off the patch, and put me on only 1 OxyContin 10mg to replace it. After this on my next apt, he switched it to 20mg oxycontin and made it 2x daily, but took away one perc and the oxyir from me. So now I'm on oxycontin 20mg 2x, perc 10 3x, and lyrica and skelaxin. My question is, I"m still in a tremendous amount of pain. I just seen him last monday (I usually see him once every 3 weeks). I plan on calling tomorrow morning, and getting in as soons as possible (hopefully within the next couple of days) so I can tell him how much pain I"m in. My question is this. Everytime I go see him, he always counts the mg's of oxycodone I'm on, and tells me i shouldn't move up, because it can become a problem. So I tell him that at this point I'm not too worried about that, because I cant even think straight, and I"m up in tears every night and cant sleep. He has no prob handing out the patch, but thats it. Can anybody suggest anything I can say to him that may help me. Or is there any other medications out there? Maybe some kind of morphine or something? Or is that alot stronger? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks alot.
Thanks for your replies, I appreciate the help especially Shoreline. Thanks.

I had my appointment yesterday. The Dr immediatly came in to the room, said how are you, i answered not good doctor, and then he immediatly sat down, and said "ok, we your currently on percocet 3x daily, oxycontin 20mg 2x daily, and skelaxin, and Lyrica which is plenty of medicine, what else can I do for you?" He said this before even giving me a chance to talk. From there, I told him I felt it was the Lyrica causing my urinary rentention side effect, and it wasn't the duragesic patch. So I told him I'd like to try it again. He than looked in his folder, and said "ok, you were on the 50mcg, do you want that or to try the 25mcg? I said I would try the 25's. After this, he answered "thats a wise decision." Than saying "Is there anything else you want to talk about?" I said no, and he said ok I will see you at your regular time for everything else. It seemed like he right away form unwilling, but yet he has no problem handing out that patch like its candy. Its unbeleivable to me. I'm hoping it was the Lyrica that was causing the urinary rentention, because it didn't go way after discontinuing the patch. I also think that between the patch (which I can probaly move up to 50 if I have to), the oxy 20's 2xdaily, and the perc 10's 3 x daily, I should be ok.

Thanks again for your replies. I appreciate them much!

That's messed up Bryan. How do you practice pain management with no communication. There has to be someone better out there. Doesn't Jersey haVe laws regardig quantity of meds prescribed in one script. It kind of gives the impression the doc mayb be working under a little more srcutiny but even a contract doesn't require permission to ge a consult from a PM doc or clinicc that offers something/anything he doesn't.

Obviously talking with the patient is a priority. The sad thing is you went through that mess and don't know if something as simple as 40 mgs 3 times a day would have worked? That's still weaker than a 50ugh patch. Does he think addicts don't cut them open and suck 3 days worth of that nasty stuff out?

Sorry man, You will only put up with a bad doc as long as your willing to or he gets fed up with you not being like most of his patients that his boat load of meds works for. If you get rid of everyone that boat doesn't work for, it's real easy to say this works on all my patients. Because the ones it didn't, left or we run off. I have a feeling he can say with confidence that combination and dose works for most of his patients. :dizzy:

Ya Gotta do what you gotta do. Take the chance and find someone better. It's really not taking a chance because if a doc says I wouldn't change a thing or I would reduce this or do something you know won't help, then you don't change docs, don't except scriptsna ddon't take their advice. Each docs is simply giving you his opinion, based on their knowledge, their training, what they have experienced and their POV. It seems they are much better to treat themselves.LOL

See other PM docs as a consult. Contracts don't bind you for life to any PM doc. They just spell out the rules and say if youi except meds from another doc he won't treat you any more. Obviously if you except meds from another doc your changing docs so it doesn't matter if he won't see you any more. It is good to leave on a good note and thank him for his efforts but you want to try X Y or K that you haven't tried already. There is that slight posibility you may need his mininmal help n the future.

Good luck with the patches, hopefully it was the lyrica. Any chance it was the skelaxin, a muscle relaxer would make sense, The bladder is a smooth muscle.

Take care, Dave
I dont think so because I've been on the skelaxin for a while now. To be perfectly honest Shoreline, it seems like he doesn't even know how powerful duragesic is. When I first told him I had to come off of it, and that I thought it was causing me the retention, I asked him if there was anything else. His reply was "well, not really, I mean, there is no other patch, there is licoderm, but that wont help you." So than I had to spell it out, and I asked if there was anything like some kind of pill that can replace it, maybe a pill I only had to take once or twice a day that was long acting. Finally he said "what do you mean like something where you can just take the percocet inbetween your thinking." I said yeah exactly, and thats when he put me on the oxycontin 10mg 1x daily. Whats crazy also is my father actually sees the same doctor. And on my fathers last visit, the dr said how are you, my father replied that his backs been bothering him probaly due to the weather. So he when he gave my father his percocet (he takes 3x daily and handles all of his pain fine for him), he gave him a script for the patch also. He never filled it because he didn't need it, but the dr never went and explained to him what it was or anything.

I never signed a contract either, He doesn't have his patients do that beleive it or not. I think I will take your advice. I should tell the other pain doc I've been seeing him and what he has me on and how its not working right? I dont want to come off like I am just trying to get more. Also, I tried this actually after the day he took me off the patch and put me on the 1 oxy10, and the receptionist at the other clinic asked me if I was seeing another pain doc, I told her yes but he aint controlling my pian, and she told me I'd have to be discharged already before I came.

Thanks your all your help, I appreciate all the replies so far.