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I just got back from my PM Dr's, and things went soo much better now that I brought my father with me. I had an extremly bad weekend, so first thing this morning my father called (he also knows them all, he goes there himself) and explained it to them so they got me in at 1:30. When the Dr came in, my father asked the Dr if he can say something. So he went on to explain to the Dr everything, saying how I havn't got any sleep in a long time, and how he hears me up at night pacing around, and how I just cat nap during the day, how I'm in agony all day, in and out of the bath several times because it gives me a little releif. etc etc etc. He told the Dr none of my medicines are working, and I'm still in a ton of pain. He also told him about my ER visit. Well, finally the Dr said he is going to get this thing under control. He took me off of neurontin and skelaxin, saying if I dont notice them helping we shouldn't keep using them. He than asked how the oxycontin works. I said it worked a little, but not much at all. So from there we asked about going upto 40s, and the Doc said the next step we will do is try 20mg every 8 hours at three times daily instead of twice daily. He said from there, if that doesn't work, we will possibly try the 40's, or maybe even try something totally different called Kadian. He than left the percocet at 10/325 x3 times daily, saying he doesn't think I'll need more, he said he thinks the increase in the oxycontin will help me alot. I think it will help me myself. I'm really excited and hopeful it will. I also feel much much more hopeful, now that it seems like he is ready to help. He than said he wants to start seeing me every 3 weeks instead of 4 until we get this dealt with. So I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some relief! Thanks again to everybody for all of your support too, it really really helps me get through everything, especailly the tougher times.