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Hi Everyone,

I am new to the board. I am a chronic pain paitent. I have 2 herniated discs and 3 pinched nerves that shoot down my left leg. I have had this condition for 5 years. [removed]. I am 48 years old. My primary doctor has been prescribing my pain meds. Currently I am taking percocet 4x a day, along with skelaxin when I can afford to buy it.

The percocet no longer work and I asked my doctor about methadone. I know this will work for me because my boyfriend of 6 years let me try his a few times before he died. His death has also been causing a lot of stress in my life, making the pain worse.

I also have no prescription coverage and can not afford expense medications.
My doctor is sending me to a pain management doc because he told me he can't prescribe the methadone for me. I have also had the epidoral injections
with no success. I am on the waiting list for state health insurance. I will be on the list for over a year until funding comes in. I am buying into it for now so I can see the pm doc, but don't know how long I can afford it.
It costs almost $300 a month, and no prescription coverage.

My question is how can I convince the doc that methadone is right for me?

Should I tell him I tried my boyfriends pills when I was in severe pain and the percs weren't working? It also works on my nerve pain in my leg.

Please Help!