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My advice would be to just say that the current pills are not covering your pain, and that you would be interested in trying another type of med...there are other meds besides Opiates that help with the pain even better than opiates...there are things like Elevail, and Skelaxin...that is, nerve medications, and muscle relaxers.
Also, you must communicate that you are VERY open to injections that can help alleviate a lot of that pain you are getting from that Lump area. By the way, any new news about what that could be? Most PM Doctors do not like to 1st increase the Opiates without 1st trying other types of meds or injections. If you ask for Narcotics specifically, then that might make a PM Doctor think that you only are there for the strong pain meds. Its a shame, I know. But drug abusers make is difficult for all of us to talk about our need for something stronger. Good Luck, and again, did you vere go to a specialist about that Lump? :)