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I am a new poster -- been reading the forum for a while and I think it;s time to contribute.

Quick background...I have herniated disks at L4-5 and L5-S1 and semi-severe nerve damage, caused by the herniation, which runs from the left side of my lower back down to my left thigh where it feels like there is a permanent knife being twisted in my thigh.

My PM doc has me on roxicodone 30mg -- started as every 6 hours (4/day) and is now every 4 hours (6/day). I have tried a variety of muscular medications...soma, skelaxin, zanaflex, robaxin) in addition to the roxi to help with the daily spasms -- I have settled on the soma and sometimes the zanaflex so i don't become reliant on one. I also get fioricet for stress/tension headaches -- works well but rips apart my stomach (painful runs -- sorry for the TMI).

Here are my questions:

1. The Roxi works well, but the length of relief keeps getting less and less...I have mentioned it to my doc and he, who i really like and trust, has sort-of shrugged it off and when i asked for something for the BT pain, he said there was nothing since Roxi and percs are basically the same thing and he won't go stronger than 30mg Roxi (and i don't want to either) -- what should i do? I was on Percs 10/325 when i started the Roxi and it seemed like an effective combo...but i don't want to ask again since then it seems like i am seeking out drugs,

2. Any suggestions/experiences with Zanaflex or some?

3. Anyone take anything else effective for headaches that I could possibly try in place of the Fioricet? I've tried Ultracet and Ultram ER, and it was also suggested that Soma could work...any advice?

Thank You