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I have an appt tomorrow with a pain management doctor. I don't know what to expect. Here's my story.

I'm 27 and have had mild chronic back pain since my late teens. It was about 3-4 constant and would sometimes jump up to a 5. That was tolerable, I chose to grin and bear it. My wife and I had a little boy 20 months ago and since his arrival, my back pain has gotten worse. A 4-5 constant and it shoots up to a 7 and sometimes 8 in the evening. I believe it's due to having to hold him and carry him around a lot. Which is something that I'm not going to stop doing.

So I went to my family doctor and described this to him. He gave me Skelaxin. I tried it for a few weeks, nothing. I tried physical therapy next. Nothing. So I call to tell him it doesn't work for the pain, so he prescribes Piroxicam (NSAID). That doesn't work either, so I call again. This time he gives me Refafen. In the meantime I had an x-ray come back negative. I try the Relafen for about 3-4 weeks before calling again. My back still hurts and the NSAIDs aren't cutting it. His nurse tells me that he said I should see a pain doctor and refers me to someone. I call them up and set an appointment.

I have used previously-prescribed narcotic pain relievers from oral surgery to help my back pain. They did the trick and I was able to play with the kid. I'm not a drug-seeker in the abuser sense of the word, but I am seeking something to help with the pain. I find it odd that I was referred to a PM doctor this early. I read a bunch of the stories here and there are a lot of people far worse off than I am that go to PM. Is the PM doctor going to oblige when I ask him for something for the pain, or is he also going to think I'm a drug-seeker? I guess it's impossible to know until tomorrow. I'm just looking for experiences from you all with your first visit to PM. I've been in pain the last two weeks waiting for this appointment, and I'd like to get some relief on the first visit if possible.

Thanks for listening.