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Hi Kath,

Thanks so much for writing. I started out with my family dr. giving me some hydrocodone, just for use when my osteo arthritis was acting up. Then after a year or so, he referred me to a rheumatologist.

My rheumatologist doctor is great. I have been going to her about 3 years or so. I was 1st diagnosed with osteo arthritis. She started me on Skelaxin, a muscle relaxer, possibly 2 x day. And with that, she gave me relafen (arthritis med). Every 6 mo. or possibly more often, my pain or help with pain, meds were upped or changed. I was eventually diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. And that is now full blown (no ups and downs) and just about everywhere on my body.

I now take Skelaxin, 4 x day, Lyrica 2 x day 75mg, Relafen 2 x day, Sulfasalazin (another RA med), 3 pills 2 x day, Tramadol 200 mg ER 2 x day, and Prednisone 5mg, 2 in the am. I also have other drugs from my family dr, my gastro dr., my uro dr., and gyn. dr.

I am not proud of how many meds I have to take, but I do need them all. I have stomach and liver problems and my RA. Now my legs have been hurting badly and my rheumy referred me to this back/pain specialist. He just says that he prefers not to give drugs, because he ends up having to raise them or change them as your body gets used to them and needs more.

I would take the pain meds, if that is what he suggested. As long as they did not hurt my stomach and my liver very much. I just am the type of person that cannot stand a lot of pain. And apparently my back/spine has been injured by things that I have done over the years and my RA.

Just wanted to add that my insurance would not pay for a regular pain medicine dr., but I guess that the fact that this dr. only takes care of the ones with back problems, is why they paid for the 2 visits and the MRI. Just do not know until Mon. or Tues. if they will ok the pain pump.

I could go on and on about what has injured my back (I think), but that would make the post even longer! I do hope that you will keep helping with any information or advice that you or anyone else has to give me.

Thanks, Wannabe