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[QUOTE=sharonn;3149173]Hi Sammy...thank you for responding. I love to accomplish things and I do push myself at times...the quintessential tyre "A" personality. May I ask how much you take a day? Are you on an AD? I also take elavil at a low dose which helps with deep sleep and chronic pain. There is weight gain but quality of life is more important.Sharing our experiences with others is very beneficial....it can be a lonely place when you're hurting. Take good care. Sharonn

Sharonn, you may ask me anything you want, we try to help each other. I am super active and independent & this has been progressing for alittle over 2yrs. & would hit for periods of time, now of course it is much worse and not budging. I am learning, since May have not had 1 single day pain free, got worse & Worse...I pray and ask for paitence which I totally lack, I feel it is destroying parts of my life, I used to plan, now it is one day at a time, At first the docs. thought it was cardiac of course when they could not find anything they said you are depressed, that was bull, I know exactly when this started and how I injured myself. So yes I have tried ADs for several reasons, pain blocker, because at one point I started believing the docs. then I figured after this who would not be depressed. Cannot take ADs bad reactions to every single one I have tried, to be honest always felt worse. I take low dose of valium @ night, mostly it helps, not always.though, of course that is along with all the other meds, now of course the docs are looking into what is wrong since I am losing mobility. and swell and so forth, makes me angry it had ot come to this. I have hope that each day will be better and some days that is hard but I don't want this taking over my life, & I know that can easily happen. This board Is my AD, that is a fact. I am currently on oxycodone 10mg, just got off steroids, so motrin with skelaxin in between, and valium at night, just stared oxy, last week, along with lryica,that could change, going for tests this week, if nothing shows with Neuro Surgeon tests have to see pain management doc, back to shuffling around. I tried so many meds. I am sure like everyone else here. vicodin was only lasting max 3 hrs. Never in my life did I think I would be in this position. But here I am. I have been praying something comes of these recent tests, not knowing I think is the worst part., I cry, get angry, a little pity party at times then try to get back on track. What else can I do? I envy others, I admit, but there are those worse then me. I promised myself I would never take the ability to do what I want on a day to day basis for granted again, and yes I am alittle afraid, people tend to sooner or later think you are no longer fitting in, I'll cross that bridge as it comes, the worst is the guilt with my family, that I will have to work on. don't know if any of this sounds familair to you, but as you see you are not alone,I think we all feel that way. what do you take and does anything thing really help? Take care & talk to you later, Sammy