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Anyone with any suggestions, on Lryica (8 days) & started oxycodone 10mg x2 daily(approx: 2wks) , all of a sudden I have this constant feeling of exhaustion. Terrible, want to just doze off at any given time, real cranky. Hard to deal with everyday things. worst part still in pain. Memory is real bad, what are some opinions on this? on other meds to, been on them for a while so I am taking a guess it must be one of the above, I definantly cannot deal with this exhausted feeling, up till now I actually was feeling the opposite. The memory thing is really strange, forget simple things, house is full of sticky notes, two dry erase boards, this is getting alittle scary, already know the doctor will say I need to give it more time, have yet to increase Lyrica dose (due tommorrow) little afraid to do that at this time. Need relief from some of this pain to. Cut back (way back) on my skelaxin hoping for a difference, can't cut that any more already in muscle spasm good part of the day. Any suggetions? Need something to go on here, get more info. from this board then the doctors. Going to see Neuro friday maybe I can suggest something else to try. Looking forward to hearing some opinions! Sammy