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Thanks guys, I'm a little more at ease now.

My PM doctor and surgeon are both really good at what they do, and they both are so great in treating me with care. My surgeon prescribed me essentially whatever we both decided on before and after my surgery. We would discuss it at lengths. I didn't want so much tylenol in Vicodin, so I suggested Norco and he happily prescribed it. Same thing with Percocet. He's also had no problem writing me Soma prescriptions for the six months I've been seeing him. God knows how many Soma pills I've gone through, but it has given me adequate relief for a muscle relaxer.

Before I was prescribed Soma, I tried Flexeril and Skelaxin. Flexeril knocked me out and Skelaxin did nothing. My doctor at school in LA actually introduced me to Soma, and it's been working well ever since.

The first time I saw my PM doctor in Novemeber, he told me he "didn't like" Soma because it metabolized into Miltown, which he called a "psychadellic." I wasn't too happy about this, but he was really agreeable about everything else, and I was eager to try Zanaflex and Lyrica, two medications I had never tried before.

When the Zanaflex didn't work, I asked my surgeon about my Soma situation, and he had no problem writing me the scripts. I saw my PM doctor a week later, and he had no problem with this either. He completely understood that it worked for me, but he said he just was not allowed to prescribe it. He works out of a big PM group that operated all over Long Island, and I guess they have certain policies about certain medications. Along with Soma, I know they won't prescribe sleeping pills or benzos. I guess it's just their policy.

So, as long as both doctors agree and are in the know, I'll be confident that I'm fine and not going to be pinned for getting medications from two different doctors. Hope I cleared some things up.