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thanks for the posts. i laid down most of the day yesterday and took the skelaxin and naproxen ( cymbalta and methyphenidate) too. woke up a little better, then got a little worse, and BAM ! all of a sudden I am nearly pain free !?! crazy back .... i am going to take it slow for a couple more days and hopefully the pain will continue to remiss. i have only been comfortable for about 30 minutes now but I'll gladly take what I can get in terms of relief. the pain had been nearly non-existent for about 3 months when it reared its ugly head 4 days ago for no apparent reason. (switched sides and legs though I don't know why). i am weary of the suboxone due to the struggles others have expressed in trying to get off of it and elavil ( if it is the anti-depressant i'm thinking of) I have had negative side effects in the past from it (dilated pupils/hyper light sensitivity). anyway, i was able to clean the kitchen and take out the trash a moment ago so i think i will park it on the couch for a little while and not press my luck. much thanks, .... ms1