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My family says the same thing about me with my meds. I take:
Dextroamphetamine 10mg extended release (3)
Dextroamphetamine 10mg fast acting (2)
Skelaxin 2400mg
Topamax, 25mg (4)
Oxycodone 10mg twice per day if needed
B12 submlingual
Slow Fe Iron
This week Levaquin for a bladder infection.

Now, that is a lot of meds. The amphetamines are for Narcolepsy. Without them I can't drive, or function. The rest are muscle, nerve and regular pain meds. One is for the stomach. The vitamins are for post gastric bypass. All the vitamins I need. It sounds like alot.

Especially now that the actor died in NYC, you are hearing more and more on the talk shows about taking too much meds.

I think as long as you take them as directed you will be okay. I get all mine at one pharmacy so hopefully they would catch any interactions.