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Hello to all : I recently had a back fusion surgery { l4/l5,l5/s1} 2 rods and 6 screws on 2.20.08. My PM doctor has me on hydromorphone 4mgs every 4 to 6 hours , also on clonazepam 0.5 mgs along with skelaxin 800mgs twice a day..

I have never been on dilaudid , and i no it is a potent opiate - but i'm still in a great deal of pain ! lf any one has had a fusion surgery and was given dilaudid , please reply with any info.. I don't think i should be in as much pain as i am in , I also no that i had a major surgery and will be in pain - but this is to much..

I called my PM doc and he said basically deal with it , your on a high dose of pain meds !!Every body is different when it comes to pain meds , and people react to pain meds in there own way.. I think i need something for break threw pain , but i just dont no..

Any help would be appreciated , and i hope every one is pain free and happy.