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Marcia, I know you have mentioned the Stellate, what exactly does it do & how long does it last? Is it like a trigger point injection?
I have kept a PM doc in the back of my head & will be asking the surgeon about it next visit which it 4-28, have to call today for a refill. How much do you think the arthritis is effecting the pain level? My sister called yesturday & she said if the arthritis is there in that shoulder I will probably having some sort of ache no matter what.
Honestly I keep trying everything that I think or hear of that may work, tried the Lido patches, all kinds of topical oitments & creams, had my husband rub some on both shoulders & upper back yesturday. There is simply no way to avoid this other then doing nothing which I am sure you know is pretty much not an option. I pretty much can't lift either arm in the mornings at all. With both of the shoulders it is causing the whole upper back to hurt. When it is bad it will travel down the back & the surgical side hurt to the elbow at times. Weird but right above the elbow can really hurt. I am hoping that PT can tell me how bad they think the mucsle spasms are so the surgeon can treat accordingly, my other PT always let me know, he was always amazed at how bad it was. Because of the way the docters feel about prescibing these meds. I want to involve the PT if I can. Trying hard to be patient.

My primary care only tried a couple muscle relaxers that did nothing, never attempted to try anymore, just kept pushing the skelaxin. The rehab doc gave me the valium, which I do try at night, don't want to be to out of it during the day. I will have to do something because I am breaking my teeth off, every since this shoulder deal my teeth are paying the price. My neighbor works at a chiro office so I will try to ask her about the bio. I think I may have a sample laying around I'll take a look, used it before surgery but not alot of relief, but it may help now, I hope.
I keep trying everything, keep going back to motrin in between, sometimes it helps & sometimes it don't. I can't keep taking it because of my stomach, with the Gerd/reflux. Once again I know some of the symptoms have dwindled down so I know the surgery must of helped with some of it, I am praying this guy don't just send me off to the next with two bum shoulders. I just don't trust or get how doctors are these days.

I keep hoping that it will just get better over time, as the nurse said it takes some people up to a year, so I just keep tying to hope. Of course I will have to ask him if there is something else that can be going on in there. I know, with out a doudt it is all caused through my work over the years. If you don't mind me asking what kind of meds are you on at this time?
I am calling at the last minute for my refill, got so busy I was not paying attention, I hope he is in because I would never make it. I have Norco, but it did nothing before the surgery. I know I asked in a post before but can't remember the replies, I wonder If I can take norco in the evening & the perco. in the morning? That is only if I have to wait for a refill. I can't believe I did that. I got so busy trying to help my client who has had big health issues I just forgot to check the bottle, my meds are kept in a weekly dispenser. I keep saying I am going to take better care of myself & slow down but I can't turn my back on people in need. I told my husband if I don't start I will not even be able to take care of myself much less others. To be honest it is really bothering me that I have not been able to decrease much at all of the pain med.
Therapy wed. I hope they can shed some light & I really hope it does not add any more pain. Thanks Marcia, Sammy