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I have in the past, skelaxin & one other, my rehab. doc had me taking a small dose of valium for that reason. I know I am getting the muscle spasms, not as bad as before but they are there. I am going to start PT soon & I will see what they say. The muscle relaxers did not do much, teh valium worked alittle better. Even the Pt at time could not believe how bad I was. You know when I was going through all this before they decided on surgery while seeing my Primary care, she kept telling me "we have tried everythng" then I discovered there was alot out there that I never even heard of, I know the meds are just a bandaide for the problem but boy was I suffering.
I still have this god awful cough & I think this is bringing on abit more spasms. Because the spasms are in the left chest wall it can get not only painful but scary, that is the one place you don't want pain & spasms. I dropped my script off for the relafen & will pick it up today. I am really hoping it will help. I am in for a long haul with this recovery & I do need to find what is going to work & is safe to take for awhile. Thanks I was thinking along those lines alittle myself, I just don't want to have to ask for anything else. Sammy