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I've probably taken them all over the last 8 years and the only 2 that actually help with my spasms are the Soma and the Flexeril. It seemed to me that the ones that don't make you as drowsey, just didn't help.

Unfortunately, because you work it's an issue for you. The zanaflex and the skelaxin were a little better for me than some of the other less drowsy formulas, but since everyone is different, you might have really good results.

Good luck and I hope you can find one that helps, cmpgirl
I have tried skelaxin in the past, although it did not work for me it did not make me tired. I took small doses of diazepam to that worked at times but I know alot of doctors don't like to keep you on it. Good luck, muscle spasms can be so darn painful. Sammy