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[QUOTE=Sage48;3523473]Hessie, I would take your pain meds. as prescribed..especially if you are having increasing pain. Why try to stretch out the time .... it is not worth it, you will have pain that is harder to control..less relief..if the pain gets away from you . I had a radiofrequency last May...and was surprised at the amount of pain I had. It took several weeks for it to settle down. Please take it as easy as you can...to let the pain settle down. I know it's hard, especially if you have a young family... I am thinking of you...


Most times it is not on purpose. I will be doing whatever and then It hurts. By the time I take the meds I realize 6 hours or more have gone by. Then I think if I would have remembered to take earlier there would be no pain. This is how bad the Narcolepsy is. I am in horrible pain right now. I can't remember if I took my pain meds when I woke up 2 hours ago. So I will wait 2 more hours just in case. I have to take my son for an echocardiogram in an hour so I need to be able to drive. It really hurts so I probably forgot to take them. I have a big pill box. I can't put the Oxycodone in the box because they look just like the Topamax. Oh well. Will suck it up like usual. Just took my Skelaxin so maybe that will help. Thanks again.