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I am so grateful for all the advice. It's funny, my 20 yr. old son is a recovering childhood cancer patient who underwent a bone marrow transplant in 6/97. He still has many physical and mental issues as a result. I have no problem being his advocate. I have no problems talking with his docs and asking questions, making sure he is getting the best of care. But for some reason when it comes to me, I can't speak up. I am not truthful about the pain because I am afraid that they will want to go up on the amount of meds or that they will think that I am an addict if I need more. In the mean time, my life has suffered. I don't want to interact with anyone, I can't exercise like I would like (which makes me gain weight), socially I have cancelled gatherings and I am only able to work one day a week. All I can do is lay down with the heating pad. It takes all my strength to take my son to school or to go to the grocery store and make dinner. I am chronically fatigued (I am sure it is because of the constant pain) and do I have to say extremely depressed. I should get my blood pressure checked, it has been high everytime I have gone to the pain doc. Again, I don't want to have to take another med. I am 44 yrs. old and feel this way, I hate to think what it will be like 64! Aren't you afraid that if your pain doc starts to give you a hard time about your meds that you will be left without? I currently take 2 to 3 norco 10/325 (3 lately...and falling short of meds they only rx #60) skelaxin 2 times per day, Ibuprofen 800 twice a day and now I have to take pepcid AC from the Ibuprofen. That is for pain, I take other meds for anxiety attacks and insomnia.
Chrissy, if you don't mind me asking,what type of neck surgery did you have? I am due for another facet joint injection (that only last two months and costs me $600.00 after insurance) but really can't afford it right now. That too sounds like an excuse when I go to the pain doc because they really want me to get it done instead of giving me pain med. The meds are cheaper. Sorry for the long reply, I am having a hard time lately. Thanks for your help.