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This is an interesting thread. I had back surgery 16 months ago. I was on Lortab 7.5/500 (4 a day) for a year prior to surgery. Switched to Tramadol after surgery. The surgery was not successful. The nerve pain is severe and radiates down to my calf. I am on pain management. Lyrica, Celebrex were not effective. Tramadol helps take the edge off the pain.

Over the last 2 1/2 years I have gone on and off Lortab multiple times. Each time results in sweating, deprression and ends after a week. Each time I stopped cold turkey after 6-10 of taking the meds.

I have gone off tramadol at least twice as well. Withdrawal was very mild in comparison, mild depression only. I stopped cold turkey from 400 mgs a day to nothing.

In each case, I only took Ibuprofen for the pain. It is clear that my pain will persist, so I am back on tramadol and skelaxin. For me, tramadol is less effective, but lasts longer than lortab. In addition, I know I can walk away clean with little trouble. Everyone is different, this is my story. I do not reccomend quitting cold turkey, that is just my way.