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Well, had a bad day, ribs felt so swollen I just could not take a full breath in, to say I was shaking like a leaf is putting it lightly. So went into urgent care.
Of course the first thing I was told is that since the surgeon was treating the pain they would not give me anything for pain, my husband replied "she did not ask for anything", just help her get all this inflammation down. I swear the minute they see you are on a narcotic they jump to the conclusion you want pain meds.
So he put me on the steroid pack & motrin for after the pack is finished then flexeril. Now is it safe to take the flexeril with the percocet? That kind of worries me. I have tried flexeril before with not alot of relief but I remember at one point not liking the side effects.

Any good recommendations for a good muscle relaxer?
Tried skelaxin with no relief, valium worked ok but anymore I am afraid to ask for anything that could be thought addictive. I do not deal well with the attitudes that I am seeking drugs. In fact the next visit I take to my PCP I am making myself clear that I want help & I am not asking for narcotics or anything else. No wonder people with cp get so depressed, just the attitudes from doctors & staff are enough to make you feel that way.
Urgent care did mention I should have a good CP program because of how long this has been going on, that is the second time I have been there.
Let me ask those of you who suffer muscle spasms what does it feel like when you are having them?
I have a alot of problems in the chest & this may sound stupid but at times I can't tell whether my heart is pounding away in there or whether its the muscles. Even my pt said because of it being on the left side that all the symptoms mimic cardiac, & she is not the first to mention that.
Really need some help here, getting worried, I just can't handle all that in the chest & ribs. Thanks guys, Sammy