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Hi Diet. I agree totally. I've been bad at taking them too. I have the big pill box. It is all filled. The only meds I remember to take are my Dextroamphetamines for my Narcolepsy and my Oxycodone for the pain. Sometime I remember to take the Skelaxin and Topamax. Never remember to take my vitamins. As I type I realize I have to take my Potassium. It is like a horse pill. My Potassium is dangerously low at times so I should take it a few times a week but forget. Same thing with B12. Funny thing is there is no difference in the pain when I don't take the Skelaxin or Topamax. So why take it? I'll discuss with the Dr. I counted all my pills. I take 16 a day when I remember to take them all.