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Marcia of course I know your right. I have just told pepper the same I would not even consider the SCS with out seeing a good PM, there is to much I don't know yet & PM & CP is something I have to learn alot about. I am not the type to jump into anything but at the same time I will just research. I know I have to research the RSD, I am frustrated that the surgeon is making me wait till the end of the 6months, but really my hands are tied. I am hoping now that Osteo has been tried this will give him a jump start. I am not sure whether to make an appoinmtent of just ask to be put into pm when calling his office this coming week for a refill on my meds. I do know my patience is gone. I am having alot of pain with that shoulder, alot. Can't lift it over my head at all, in fact it hurts to move it at all.
The symptoms are so darn sparatic it confuses the heck out of me. I just know the pain is getting worse & I am at the end of my rope here. I am just starting to feel drained, by the pain & the emotional acceptance of it all. I try so hard to have some what of a normal routine & life but in the back of my mind I wonder how the future will be.
I think its cruel to make me wait much longer, you know? On days like today I will stay in pain all day & to boot my darn stomach hurts because my bowels are acting up. It is definantly time to try some other avenues. I am pretty sure the osteo would agree since she handed me the SCS book, & came right out & said at this point she just don't know if she can help me. She said to call her & then I will ask her some important questions. The thing is these osteos don't really get into drug treatments, but I need some names of PMs I am hoping she will give me at least a name & then of course the surgeons recommendation. I am going to try to follow the advice of cmp & ask for one that specailizes in rehab. or anesth. Of course I am alittle scared because I know this doctor will play a major role in my life. That is when I will address the RSD & mean time I will start researching it.
I do believe for a fact that muscle is involved. Once again I have to get a doctor who will be treating me, not one just passing through. Its difficult right now. I am in limbo.
To be honest I am ready to up my meds abit, I have been holding back & I am tired of the pain. That is something I am going to go over with the surgeon. Man I hope he continues to treat this while I am waiting to get into a PM, if not he should have started that along time ago. I have to trust he knows what he is doing. I still can't believe this is my life. Called my sister in Florida & just cried on the phone. She knows how active I am & knows how hard it is, she has a muscle desease & understands how hard it is to accept it. Hers does not cause her cp but almost cost her life. I told her I am finding it hard to get used to the changes I will have to make, it is just so ironic for a person like me who has ADHD to find themselves physcially limited. Work calms me & is so rewarding. I am not a women who likes to sit & watch tv or just ignore work & wait for hubby. Oddly I know so many women like that & I could never figure out how they could stand it. I always found it rewarding to accomplish things like yard work, even love my house to be clean, I just love to tackle things. This is the hardest thing for me to get used to. I hope PM will give me some of that back. That is my only hope left. Right now on days like today I can't do hardly anything, even putting dishes away or folding clothes is painful. I wish I was lazy sometimes (ha). I keep telling myself keep a good attitude, find something to laugh at, even if it is myself. I want my old life back, want ot play ball with my girls, clean my windows, heck I wont even complain about scrubbing the foors, which I hate. I have been real quite since the doctors opinion, have been avoiding people, you know? Heck what do you say? I told my husband he is not to discuss my condition or meds with anyone, I have seen peoples reactions to CPers & I will tell you I would loose it with anyone & their stupid uneducated opinions. So easy for them to talk. I have already kind of lost it with my husband who of course does not like the meds, told him if he wants to vomit & all that good stuff on a daily basis due to the pain be my guest but I will not go back to that for anyone. I am so careful with meds I am undermedicating, I know it, but always have to worry about obtaining the refills. Next call I am telling them I am taking them if need be, according the the instructions 1-2 every four to six hrs. On days like today no more waiting in pain all day. I try to stay at no more then 3 all day with motrin in between, not working anymore, & the compound cream, I need a different muscle relaxer to. I will try the skelaxin again but did nothing before surgery. I have some, so might as well try them. I'll tell you I will not rest easy till I am in PM.
Don't worry I am listening to your advice, heck where would I be with out you? I am just trying to be patient. I asked the osteo about the RSD but she pretty much just blew it off. She is really nice, every doctor has there specility & that is not her area. Let me know what you think about whether to try to get into the surgeon or just request the start of getting into pm via phone, I should probably try to get in, to many questions & I am worried about the shoulder, perhaps I can get into pt when I get the right PM, what do you think? Talk to you soon, Sammy
Crap Marcia if anything becomes more of a mess I am getting into bed & staying there.
I have deleted my orginal post to redo, I have not had my pain meds since 6:30 am & it is 4:30, Had one left & saving it for morning. NO Way!
OMG, I am in big trouble with out taking the meds I realized how bad this is, my other shoulder is really hurting, both & my chest & ribs are going crazy. Called the office back this morning & at first they said I could get script tommorrow, then they had the assisstant call me back about what the osteo said, girl I can barely remember what I said to her, sobbing in pain. She said she was asking the surgeon there to see if he would give me a script & would call me right back, mind you this is at 4:10, office closes at 5:00, mean while my husband left work to be there in time (hopefully) to pick it up in case they gave me one, well 4:30 she called back to say he would give me enough till friday & then I would have to go through the surgeon. She asked could I get there to get it & I told her no way but my husband was going to try. The only good thing to come out of this day from h*** is she said I am in to much pain & she does not blame me for wanting to get into PM, she said she could tell just by speaking to me how much pain I was in. God, I did not even realize how bad it was. That other shoulder is bad, I never realized how bad till I did not take the meds, the post op side hurts all the way down the arm. I am scared,more now then ever. I did tell the assistant that they said it is myofascial damage, her reaction surprised me, she said oh my god, you have to have something for that pain. Does she know how bad it can get I wonder?
I know my husband will probably say something. I told her I had no way of knowing the surgeon would not be in. At least she got some where, I am not even kidding I could barely talk, soon as I got off the phone I took the last perc. I was saving for morning. NO way could I make it in the morning with out something,it would have been worse. Norco, skelaxin & motrin & my pain level was just going up, it was about an 8 when she called it would have easily became a 10 in no time. God you don't even realize how bad you are till you have no relief. NO way am I letting this go for any length of time, I think I told her that the surgeon needs to let me now about PM, heck I can't even remember.
My husband just called to say he broke every traffic rule to get there & just made it to get the script. Thank god!
Well this is just made me realize how bad I am & that other shoulder has issues, crap the surgeon wont touch it because I don't have full use of the left one yet. If this does not get me into pm nothing will, & I am going to say prayers no stop to get into a good pm. I am also going to make sure I try to get the surgeon to help me chosse a good fit. After everything I have been through I want a PM doc. that is at least understanding. I know the surgeon has been good to me & trust me I do appreciate it, but enough. I also know I got real lucky with the osteo after 3 visits realizing I need PM & offering to help me get in. I count my blessings but today was a wake up call for me.
Thank you Marcia for just being you!
Let me know how your shoulder is doing, are you having problems with the other shoulder at all? I am most defianantly a freak like you. At least I am in the best of company my friend. Sammy