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cmp, I noticed you used the word throb, that is how I feel in the rib cage it will just throb, as I said before if someone puts their hand there they can feel it to. Painful.
Thank you for for your honesty.
The osteo said this has been overlooked & not treated for so long it has become chronic, I kind of knew that. At the present I go for osteopathic manipulative treatment. They use the hands to examine your overall body, back, joint, tendons, ligaments & muscles for pain & restiriction. Very hard to explain. This place was recommended by my surgeon & is one of the only ones that operates like this around. There is a wait to get in, so they must be doing something right. My surgeon was insistant that I try it. She (doctor) does find areas where I am having pain, sometimes I don't even realize it till she hits that area. She has been conservative with her treatment the first two visits but said she want to go full force the next one. I am just so sore she was alittle weary. The first thing she noticed yesturday was the chest wall on the left side was really puffy, as she put it, which I knew I could feel it, that is where I will have alot of muscle spasms. They don't really deal with conventions meds, no narcotics & such, more naturalistic treatments. Which is fine but will still need someone to treat the pain when the surgeon stops. He is suppose to recommend me to PM if the pain is still existing. I am really nervous about that. It makes sense that a muscle relaxer is needed but I don't like the flexerril, makes me feel to out of it. I half it. I have tried skelaxin & it does nothing. After yesturday I am having alot more spasms, alittle concerned about that.
I always feel swollen on the left side & when its bad it can go to the hip, it is always bad when my monthly comes around, in fact I am getting where I panic when that time comes. I am bringing that up next visit to the osteo.
I am in a binder to try to keep the ribs from moving around to much. It does make sense that the ribs have moved upwards if the fascia is damaged or injured. As I told Marcia, this is blowing my shoulder surgery right out of the water, really holding me back with that recovery, loosing the ROM in that shoulder. If I use that arm it aggravates the whole left side. In fact that shoulder is becoming more painful. I hope I did not go throught that surgery for nothing. Marcia has held my hand through all of this & I don't know where I would be without her.
I was wondering if they tried any type of injections, or tens unit on you? Also should I ask the surgeon about a PM who is a Rehab. doc to? That may be alittle tougher. I take perc, & a compound cream, flexerril, & when it is really bad like on my cylce motrin. I could take the motirn everyday but try to take the least amount of everything. When it is bad, like you, nothing helps much at all, I can't overly use that side or I will pay, & most of the time it is the next day that it will act up & stay that way for a day or two no matter what I do to try to calm it down. Does any of what I am saying sound familier to you? All I have to go by to make sure I am getting the correct DX is to compare the symptoms & such to others already diagnosed. So I will probably ask you often that question. Thank cmp for you time, it is appreciated more then I can say, Sammy
cmp, I have my osteo tommorrow & am not a happy camper with the shoulder pain flaring up after the last treatment. I am also reaching the end of my 6mnth. post op with the surgeon the end of june, ironic that I am in so much pain again with the shoulder after being sent to the osteo at his request.
Anyway I am pretty much going to tell here that If the treatment is going to aggravate it all then I don't see what good its going to do me & see if she has a plan B. My next call to the surgeon will be this week because I will need a refill on my pain meds. At that time I am going to be asking if he will refer me to Pm or if he wants to wait for the 6mnth, which is the end of june. I dont think I ever asked you what you take & what meds help you the most? I am on perc. 10-325, which I usally take 3 times aday, if I am lucky I can get away with 21/2, I am trying to not up it & at times I know I could use the extra but still try my best, also motrin as needed, the compound creme, & flex. which I really hate, I try my best to just take it at bedtime, but know I would do better taking something during the day alot of the time. I have skelaxin & am wondering if I should give it another try, did not do much of anything before the shoulder surgery. I can't stay on the motrin for to long or my stomach will pay. What do you think? I really could use the higher dose but am afraid the surgeon will give me a hard time when I call for a refills. He did say I can take 1-2 every four to six hrs as needed, but heck already have to go through the whole why I am still needing this every time I call the office for a refill. Then of course I get the "Well I don't know I'll see what I can do", I'll tell you scares the crap out of me, I don't trust doctors to alway remember what they has said, you know? My patience is running pretty darn low. I am just taking enough to keep me at a somewhat comfortable pain level, but not getting much of living life at this time. Any suggestons for tommorows appointment with the osteo? Sammy