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What has been messing me up lately is my own mind - my husband has to keep pointing out the reality of the situation because I seem to skew it.

For example, I thankfully am able to stay home and if I need to be in bed all day, I can. On a "good" day, I am in my recliner most all day, but am sitting up, rarely fully reclined.

On a bad day, like the last 2 weeks, I am in the recliner full-time, even sleeping at night, fully reclining almost all day long. Getting up to go to town, go to church, short errands (where I am only accompanying, never doing any actual lifting, shopping,etc.) and this is while on max meds RARELY happens and almost always triggers greater pain that I then have to calm.

I seem to get myself to a better level of pain relief and will proclaim "I am better" but hubby will say "Yes, dear, but you are fully reclining, rarely getting up, increased pain with any activity."

So, he wonders - those that have to try to work, or have younger kids requiring more hands on care, and how they rate their pain? I could honestly do none of that right now, but yet I will proclaim how I am having a "good" day. He sees the truth.

I guess it is an acceptance on my part that this is my life? I never think in terms of when I can get back to my own housecleaning, or my own grocery shopping, or being able to sit longer than an hour at church without dying of pain. Today I couldn't even make it to church. Took me 15 minutes before I could even fully stand up straight without racking pain.

I took a trip to Dallas 2 weekends ago and it was so bad, I really don't know if I will ever do that again, and that was on full meds, around the clock, skipping nothing. "Full meds" for me at this point is Percocet 5/325 every 6 hours, Skelaxin ever 6 hours, Advil, Xanax as needed. Am seeing my NS on Friday to discuss SCS and then am moving to a new area June 10th (where I most likely won't even be able to use this doc, but I need to get it in the paperwork to keep things rolling). I have to get all new doctors, etc. I am having anxiety wondering how I will make it on those low meds (although my GP thinks I am on very high dose meds right now).

My NS is 2 hours away, one way, so a 4 hour round trip. Not the easiest to see. I am at the point that I think I need to be referred to a pain management doctor, but not sure how to go about that with the move.

Compounding matters further is that we are talking about 3 different states - I live in one, NS is in another, and I am moving to a 3rd. Don't know if doctors can refer over state boundaries and such.

Sigh - DH thinks that if the doctors could see how I have to live to maintain a "5" or "6" - laid out in a chair all day long, and the big goal of the day is to get showered and ready without hurting myself, that they would have a different perspective.