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Well Kelly you have just got a sample of why I can't go without these people, they are my antidepressant. I have tried many of the meds you mentioned, buspar, lexapro, lryica ( I think you mentioned that) & more, norco to.
In fact ran out of percocet & pharmacist said to take the norco, so I took it along with skelaxin & motrin 800, nothing, no relief. In fact I did not know how bad it was till I had nothing to take for 9hrs.
For me big difference between norco & percocet. I am never pain free but I took for granted the relief the percocet gave me. I would rather be at a level 4 0r 5 which my normal pain level then what I experianced today. We are all different when it comes to the meds so it is always wait & see.
A few of us are trying to get into pain maganement so it will be new for us to, but what we have learned from this board is priceless & we will all benefit from it when it comes to PM. Others can answer your question in more detail about what a PM doctor is, but just what is says, a doctor who helps to manage you chronic pain so you can have some quality of life, but also if I am to understand from this board they are very different then say your GP. I have suffered for 3yrs & just got a diagnosis a couple of weeks ago. With me it Myofascial damage that has become chronic because of being misdiagnosed for so long & let go.
I am with diet pepper & trying to come to terms with being told I will living with this pain from now on, unless someone has a miracle in their pocket. I still try to have hope, why not?
We all should to some degree. So you are in good company here & we truely are like a family. We realize other people, even those closest to us can not understand, but we do, no matter what. I call this board my saving grace.
Read some of the threads & posts & educate yourself on pain management & then you will be more prepared when you speak to your doctor. I am so glad you are going to do so, I don't want anyone to be in my shoes by putting it off. I wish as I said I would have pursued it long ago, but I kept hoping.
Now to answer your question, I wonder every single day what it would feel like to wake up & have one day with no pain. I cant remember anymore, & that alone makes me cry, but I will look forward to pain management & know that I have hope of living a more pain free life & hopefully can take some of my life back & I hope the same for you. Sounds like you have a great career ahead. Hang in there & we will all wait to see what your doctor says about Pain managment. Sammy