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In a bind here. Pharmacy did not have full amount to fill last script for percocet. So ran out early & surgeon wont be in till tommorrow to write the script. The office said to call the pharmacy & see if they will give me the 2 that were not included in the script, the answer was no. The surgeons office said from now on don't let the pharmacy short me. Go some where else if need be.
All I have is some generic for Norco 10-325 & a couple vicodin. The pharmcist said to try the norco for now, but never helped much in the past. I will have to use whats at my disposal. Of course I am in major pain today & trying not to panic. So advice please. Can I try the norco & perhaps try an extra 1/2 dose? The script says one tablet every 6hrs, I doubt I can go six hrs, I am in major muscle spasm so I will have to ty skelaxin to, does anyone know it I take the skelaxin along with the norco? What a mess.
I ask the surgeons office to have his assistant call me I am not going through all of this again & going to ask if the surgeon will recommend me to PM now, as the other doctor (osteo) suggested yesturday. I am also telling them I am upping my morning dose & it is still within the instructions on the percocet but I want them to know before writing the new script. I hope I am going about this the correct way, but anymore I don't have choice. The surgeon told me I can up the dose but then I will be calling in alot earlier for refills & need them to realize this. I can't get into the surgeon til june 16 & can't stand the pain & stress anymore.
Please let me know if any of you are know about the doses for Norco & if I can try the skelaxin with it. Thanks, Sammy
For my back problems, I was originally scripted skelaxin and vicodin to be taken together so that would probably be ok (or at least, not an automatic interaction from what I know). Although for me, I never found any actual muscle spasm relief from the skelaxin and asked the doctor to switch it to valium which I found to work better for me.
Sammy - what is the dosage of your Norco (5, 7.5, or 10 mg)?

Yes, you can take Skelaxin and Norco together.

If the Norco are 5-mg, then 2 of them would be the closest equivalent to a 5-mg Percocet....at least this is what my pharmacist had told me before when I ran into a similar problem. Although, if your Percocet were 10 mg I wouldn't suggest taking 4 Norco!! Find the lowest dosage that works for you....hopefully you will only need to do this until tomorrow.

So sorry this is happening. Luckily you do have something to take. This happened to me and I had nothing to take! I was in withdrawals by the time I got my meds. The norco may not help as much with the pain, but most importantly, it will keep you from going into withdrawal. I think it is perfectly safe to take the skelaxin and norco together. You will need more norco than percocet to get a similar dose. Like you though, it wouldn't matter how much norco I took, it just does not help me. However, again the silver lining is it will be enough to keep you from withdrawal. I hope this day and night go by fast and you can get this straightened out tomorrow.

One thought, does the surgeon have other docs in the office? I would kindly ask the nurse to see if another doctor will write and sign your script. They can look at your history and see what you have been taking. It's not your fault that your surgeon is not there today, and they are supposed to cover for the other docs when they are out. I would at least give it a shot! Good luck and hang in there!

Your Friend,

I took the norco & skelaxin, OMG way to much pain, you don't realize how much pain your in till you don't have anything to take, my surgeon will actually be out till friday. why they made a mistake & said tommorrow I don't know! The office had the assistant call me back in regaurds to what the osteo said & by that time I was in tears so she said she would see if she could get the other surgeon to write the script & call me back, she asked how bad the pain was It is horrible. I can't believe how bad it is.
NO call back yet it is almost 4:30 & teh office closes at 5:00, menawhile my husband left work to go to the office just in case they have a script for me.
The pain is unreal, & I now know how bad it can be, both shoulders are in major pain, & the chest & ribs are going nuts. Pain level is about an 8 & that is with the norco, skel. & mortrin 800. I will never make it until Friday, even ice is not helping.
Office just called to tell me the surgeon covering will give me enough till friday then I will have to call my surgeon to see about the rest. The assistant did say that I am in to much pain & she could tell over the phone to go without & she does not blame me for wanting this taken care of with PM.
Thank god for even getting relief for today, I do not ever want to go through this again, & now that I had to go without I realize how bad my other shoulder is. I am in major trouble & did not even realize how bad. I am really worried about this pain level. I hope my husband makes it before they close. Please pray for me, Sammy