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Oh god guys I am trying to not get to afraid. I am simply stunned.
My Gp has me classfied as CP & trust me they may give me a shot MR but that is about it, & the osteo Is more of a naturalistic doc, but she did say she would help me if to get into PM if I had to wait any length of time. I just don't know. Every doctor around here has narcotic phobia I think.
I have about 8 perc. left, which I can barely make it on 3 aday, I have norco probalbly at least 40, a few flexerril, skelaxin, motirn & even a couple of oxys left, I never took anything once I was switched thats what gets me. I am so darn careful & boom. I am one who really follows what I am told. Thank god I did not ditch it all, I almost did. I think I even have one vicodin left from a tooth issue. Although not everyting works for this pain.
How do you ever trust any doctors again? & what can I do with what I have left? Can't even call a PM till monday & sure does not give me time to look into which one would be best for me. In some sense I realiaze he did not even have to do that, but he could have given me a warning that he was weening me while I was getting into PM, something. My hsuband will problably call monday, I don't think I will be up to it, & knowing me I would probably loose it. I have been up & down since this diagnosis. I just try so hard not to let it get to me & this is it. What do you think with what I have?
Ok, my husband is calling monday, he is furious because he was at the appointment when the surgeon said 6mths he would treat me, & he cant believe he would even put me in this situation. He wants to know why, what have I could have possably cause this reaction. My husband said he is letting them know how careful I have been & this is uncalled for.
So far it sounds like the Anesth. gets the vote, I have 2 to choose from I will decide before monday. One works closely with the surgeon, so what do you think? Yes or NO? I don't know about the other & am hoping the osteo will intervene if need be. Alot depends on how the surgeon responds to my husband. I felt like maybe he did not believe my pain level & that hurts more then anything.

I have very little flexrill left, but I do have the skelaxin 800 so I have taken one just a short time ago. About the norco should I try 11/2? As I said saving the perc. for mornings, god the weather is bad & I am already struggling with the breathing. How far apart should I have to space the Norco from the morning percocet? perc is the 10-325 & Norco is 10-325.
What a mess.
I found an old bottle of flex. with refills for my old doctor, but it is from 7-07, so I'm not sure if they will refill it, I don't want to have to go back on my old doctors scripts unless I have to.
I am trying take it one day at a time, I keep telling myself not to ruin my days when for now my hands are tied. I can't get these days back. It is hard.
Where the heck would I be without you guys.
So here it is, How far apart should the perc & norco be spaced, & should I try the 1/12 Norco?
PM (anasth) the surgeon works with closely or no? In some sense the surgoen knows the most about my condition.
I'm sorry to repeat myself but I ramble on. you all know how much I value your input. Sammy
Hey everyone, up all most of night, everytime I moved pain. I have taken the meds I have but they are just not doing the job, but some relief is better then none. However they are doing a job on my stomach.
I remember why I don't take hydroc. or motrin for long. I did take a zantac last night.
Kept waking up drenched in sweat & pain, my poor husband, I am sure he will be tired today. Was my birthday yesturday (no I am not telling how old I am) god was with me because I made it through the day trying to ignore the pain. I don't think that is going to continue.
Once again I am clueless as to why the surgeon did this, but I wish he could climb into my body for a day.
Yes Marica my shoulder is a mess, I keep thinking back the more I did therapy the more it hurt. Of course I did have a couple incidents with it. I am dont know what to do with it, it just hurts The chest area is what kept me up & back right beneath the scapula around through those ribs, I can't take that pain, I swear I always wonder is this what it feels like if your having a heartattack, then the constant stabbing in the center chest, drives me crazy. I am having periods where its hard to breathe & that is to scary.

Thanks EX for the advice the norco. I did start with 1/12 & then took the 2 for the last dose of the day, so I am taking perc. in AM, & 2 doses of Norco through out & motrin & skelaxin in between. Thus far its taking the edge off, just does not last, but I will take what I can get.
Just getting ready to send & surgeons office called to say one more refill, use it wisely, duh! I told her that is exactly what I have been doing, & no the office does not help with getting into PM. So much for that. Sammy