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I am a big believer in self-hypnosis and the power our mind has over every aspect of our lives. I also believe that "what we focus on, expands". And that can be a hard pill to swallow as cp'ers our entire day, every minutes is measured by pain level.

I took some classes, and it surprised me that it really was just about learning to calm yourself down, breathe deeply and slowly and consciously, and focus your mind, as cmpgirl said. It was soooooooo beneficial for me and many positive things came out of it.

I realized several weeks ago that I had forgotten that part of me, and was mulling over what unfinished emotional pain was I not dealing with. Also realized I had stopped doing my affirmations. I shared my story in another post, but the short version is: Almost 7 days ago, I had a long talk with my father in which I told him things I have long wanted to say, painful things but things he needed to know. Things that have kept our relationship at such a distance (I am 41). Also, I wrote a big long email to friends and family trying to explain why I would be looking into SCS and although I am very computer literate, somehow managed to delete it 3 times accidentally. Truly accidentally. In those 3 emails, I had written clearly "I believe God can heal me". I took the accidental deletions as a sign that I was not to send that email, so I did not.

The next morning, I woke up to NO nerve pain, which had been firing through my legs and feet since Feb. 1, when I fainted and fell and suffered a compression fracture. Prior to that, the nerve pain came and went, but since Feb. 1, it hadn't stopped and was only increasing. I was on Percocet around the clock since Feb.1.

Since last Tuesday, I have taken 2 pain pills (Vicodin, a step down!), period. Still taking Advil, Skelaxin occasionally for muscle spasms, lots of hot showers for the heat on my back.

We are also moving, literally packing as we speak. We will be gone on Tuesday morning, and I wondered - what relief am I feeling to be leaving this town? Hmmmmmm, very interesting indeed.

I am still IN SHOCK. Amazed. In awe of God! There can honestly in my mind be no other explanation but the mind/body connection and God's healing. I believe I did what I had dreaded for over 35 years, and that is confront my dad. (Nothing huge, just no evidence of love from him, but lots of judgment and he wonders why my sister and I have little to do with him. Well, I told him, let it all out. It was brutal, but done with love. I quit trying to be the good girl and say "I'm fine" all the time. We talked on the phone from 9:30 pm to 4:30 am - because I had a lot to say and don't sleep anyway! lol !)

What we believe in our minds we can achieve, but we have to truly believe it. This is where self-hypnosis can come in. Some people may prefer to call it meditation or prayer without ceasing. But it is realigning our mind to what we WANT, not what we currently have. Or coming to a peaceful place of acceptance and love for ourselves through what we are dealing with.

Really hard to explain, but I highly recommend you trying it out. I would love a refresher course on it myself.