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[QUOTE=trackerv123;3633493]Norco is a good choice to take because it has less tyleonel like everyone else is saying, are you taking a muscle relaxer? if not ask to try Soma, that seems to work good for me...and have blood done every couple of months to check your liver function because like any medicaiton the tyleonel can effect the liver bad..good luck to you

I am new here but I am not new to the medical field OR pain management!

PLEASE, PLEASE be careful when asking for SOMA! It is HIGHLY addictive and withdrawing from it can be a bear! If you need a muscle relaxer, start with something like Skelaxin or perhaps Flexeril if you need something a little stronger. These medications are very effective and do not carry near the risk for physical dependency. Soma should be used as a last resort, if at all, IMO.