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i appreciate the knowledge...i honestly would say my pain on average everyday is atleast a 7,its always hurting!
I have tried the muscle relaxants in the past and i havent really had any luck with them at all...carisoprodol and cyclobenzaprine both make me drowsy and others like skelaxin dont even work.But i go on the 21st for some inj's so maybe i will ask her for something for btp...i am just always so cautious when it comes to asking for new/more meds,i get butterflies in my stomach everytime.i guess b/c of my age,im only 22 and have the back of a 60year old man for real,i look like the humpback of notredame,lol.I just dont want the docs to think im looking for narcs cuz that is def not the idea,im in legit pain 24/7 and they know that,ive got document after document stating my state of back pain(thoracic region mainly)anyways i just always get nervous when asking the doc for better pain control,any suggestions?
thanks for your time once again!
Have a great night people