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I am currently taking Lyrica, Soma, and Ultram ER to control pain due to lumbar spine problems. This combo, along with a coccyx cushion, lumbar support, and chair cushion are helping me to get through my days at school. (I lost my job, and was able to get into training through DVR so I jumped at that chance). I was able to purchase a very basic insurance plan on my own so as to avoid any pre-existing condition clauses when I finally get good insurance again. However, this plan does not cover very much. It only covers up to $500 per year in prescriptions and I just found out I already met my cap (in just 3 months). Now I will never be able to afford all these meds and I am dreadful of the pain I will be in again if I don't take anything.

So of course I will talk to my PM about all this, but...I wanted to know if anyone here knows of any other meds that might be similar to Lyrica, Soma, and Ultram ER....that might be alot cheaper? My Pharmacist said that regular Ultram (not the ER/exteneded release) 50mg would be cheaper, but I would have to take alot more each day to get the same effect. Soma has worked best for me so far for muscle relaxers (I've tried Skelaxin and Flexeril in the past, which both did nothing). I've never tried any other nerve pain med, though. There is no generic for Lyrica; There is a generic for Soma 350mg, which I do get but I also take 250MG in the mornings and there is no generic for this dose. I take the lower dose in the mornings b/c it affects my concentration and the lower dose helps a bit to concentrate more during school.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, has anyone that has a prescription plan that ran out..been able to get any prescription help from any of the drug companies or PPARX?