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Yeah, I really do want to change primary's mainly because I don't think I am actually getting the proper care, or benefit from most if any of my 23 different meds. It is such a medi cocktail thats truthfully in my honest opinion way to too.

There are two things mainly holding me back from changing at least at this moment. One is the fact I am working with my pain specialist and who is working on getting me surgery (which will need prior auth from insurance, via also my primary) The surgery is to fix the 3 bad discs in my back, and hopefully not only get me on the road to recovery, but also give me part of my life back. I don't have high expectations at this point, and dozens of questions I am asking pain spec. on Wed.

Another reason, if by chance I do actually and truthfully need this vast cocktail daily, if I could or can continue getting samples (through new primary) as at least 6 of them are not, and will not be covered by my insurance (another reason why medicaid sucks) LOL
I am concerned about this mainly cause:

The aciphex is needed to guard about known damages of plavix, I have really bad acid reflux and a couple of ulcers that are under control (or atleast were, as I have been having more problems lately).

Both meds for diabeties the actos, and the januvia are not covered by molina, medicaid and have tried to get auth on them for the past 2 years. I was off the actos for approx. oct - aug. and found out that the actos is what was putting on the weight. LOL (am overweight already, surely don't need no help in gaining 4'8" tall and around 165. Something like a ball rolling??? down street.

Singulair for my asthma ( this has really kept the asthma at bay, and under control.

Skelaxin, or flexmid ( as a muscle relaxer because of the back and hip)

Crestor for the cholesterol, (unfortunately with molina medicaid only very few meds are covered, and the simvistatin I was on until oct. was adding complications to the pain prob. with my back and hips.) Some condition it is not uncommon to do, though since I am still in a lot of pain, not sure changing actually made the difference or not, thruthfully too hard to tell with the back and hips issues I have.

So this is a concern, though possibly if changing primary's I may, or maynot need these meds or all of them hard to tell I guess and I assume most doctors do have some samples.

Another reason for wanting to change besides everytime seeing the doctor I keep getting pushed more, and more pills and they keep adding up or changing dosage or whatnot. Is also because I feel they are treating each symptom individually and not looking at the whole picture as 1.

Another issue I have, and please don't get me wrong I would work if possible, but at this point I am truthfully without a doubt unable. The fact I am on cash assistance, I have to have a paper filled out every three months telling them the same that I can't work. Its not that she don't doubt it either, but since I am working with the pain specialist she doesn't want to fill out this form. However. and here's the catch the pain specialist through treating me, he can't fill out this form only the primary can. The same goes with the handicapped parking placard. She dosen't doubt the fact I need it, but since someone else is doing the care, she doesn't like filling out the paper work because of fear of getting into trouble. She eventually does, and often with me telling her that these doctors do talk with you each and everytime I see them you get copies of the reports and what is going on (even with any changes of meds) She has seen the Mri's and other test reports. But cause she isn't the only treating, don't feel right about filling out this paper work. The only thing is and this is the case with both papers, only certain people can fill out this work, and that is either a physcial therapist, or the primary. With medicaid and the molina network I couldn't get any PT covered, so don't have a PT at all. So this leaves me in a catch 22 with my primary and getting her to sign this work.

Not to mention people who have fibromyalgia (also have these problems in keeping jobs, or unable to walk distances depending on the day) Same with Arthritic problems and some of these people also have or can't work depending on the severity of the arthritis. But she also did have from the MRI's showing I had a bulging disc and a herniated disc. X-rays however ever after 4 sets of them didn't show much with the exception the ones done by the Chiro though these were done standing not laying down. LOL.

I am just really frustrated in general because of the vast amounts of meds, seeing my life and mobility changing dramatically in the past 2 yrs. I used to love to walk, enjoyed walking in fact and in times of not having a car walked 2 miles to the store and brought groceries home by foot; and now barely being able to walk enough to get to the bathroom before extreme pain sets in, and the numbness and weakness in my legs start.
I know I am rambling but it is cause of frustration due to the meds, and now lack of mobility and not understanding why this is happening in such a fast pace. Not to mention when they started treating the back 2 yrs ago and granted I have had a chronic bad back for years. But usually vicodins would solve it, now none of the pain meds are working and at best just barely taking the edge off. And seeing it go from low back to hips, to thighs or hip bones and these areas being ALOT hotter than the rest of my body (regardless of clothes or cause of sitting) and then having pain in my tailbone, both sides of the groin and now weakness and numbness in both legs going down my legs. Its just a cause for concern. Especially knowing how meds or what normally work and having a "window" of 1/2 walking to less than 2min now. Can't stand to take showers (have to takes baths), Have to prop a leg for just brushing teeth or other normal hygene routine stuff.