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I was diagnosed with a herniated disc last month. It hurts BAD. I gave birth in June and I believe that is when i really injured it because since then it has been hurting.

I've been to a handfull of doctors and they all just say take these pills and then go to a specialist. I've gotten an xray and mri and had them reviewed. My current dr gave me steroids which I've been on for 2 days. Those dont help. She gave my hydrocodone those dont help. She gave me skelaxin. those dont help. I feel hopeless. They want me to see a physical therapist which i cannot afford. i've tried the excercises they talk about at home. I'm in so much pain and it just keeps on hurting. the pain meds help for an hour or so but i'm only supposed to take them 1 4-6 hours. I don't know what to do. Help.