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Hi everybody :) I just joined today and I'm hoping you can help. 6 years ago I was rear-ended which resulted in me not being able to move my neck or my left arm. Astonishingly, the orthopedist I went to see never had me get an MRI, but he did prescribe P.T. which helped.

Fast forward to 10/27/08. I was rear-ended by a pick-up truck which then pushed me into another car. My neck got a double whammy from the 2 collisions. about 2 days after the accident I started getting bad neck, shoulder, and upper left arm pain. My lower left arm and hand had tingling and numbness. I also have been getting muscle spasms in legs. MRI reports:

1) C5-C6 broad-based disc herniation amd spondylosis with mld to moderate central canal stenosis impinging but not compressing the cord.
2) Tiny left paracentral C4-C5 disc herniation without spinal stenosis.

1st Orthopedist prescribed me 5 day cortosteroid, Skelaxin and Vicodin. 2nd Orthopedist prescribed Naprosyn (sp? - I had to stop taking because of abdominal pains), robaxyn and now mobic to replace the Naprosyn. I haven't even filled the Mobic because I'm scared it will give me the same abdominal pain. I started physical therapy yesterday. I was told that that part of my spine had a lot of wear and tear and if P.T. doesn't work, they will due epidural shot. This scares me!

My questions are this:

1) Have any of you had an accident that aggravated a previous condition? If so, how did it affect your healing process?

2) How long does it take for leg spasms to go away? I never had this problem with my first accident.

3) I am having tingling in legs also. Can spasms cause this?

4) How long does it take for neck pain to go away? It has been more that 2 weeks now and I still feel the same.

5) What is spondylosis and what is a 'broad based" disc herniation?:confused:

Thanks!! PS- I hope this isn't a repeat of a question. I checked before I posted this.
[QUOTE=nochange;3889259]rootsy13 hello. what really helped your neck pain? i'm just going in circles to find "relief" for my neck pain. also, can you work with this pain you have?what meds really helped you?. my doctor also said not to surgery cause my situation is not too bad. that's what they said. did they do discogram on you?

hi no change..well..my first orthopedist (who was HORRIBLE..he didn't even have me take of my shirt to examine my back or anything), started me on vicodin and a 5 day steroid prescription. the only good thing he did was order an mri, which is where they saw what was really going on. my new orthopedist then put me on a series of meds...skelaxin (muscle relaxer since i also had strains) and naproxin (anti-inflammatory which jacked up my stomach). i was then put on robaxin (another muscle relaxer) since i started getting nauseous from skelaxin and mobic (another anti-inflammatory which was much easier on my tummy..15 mg once a day, which i think is the highest dose they offer). i've been on vicodin 5/500 since the end of october, but can still feel the pain. my doc told me to double them up, but i don't do that often (liver concern).

as far as therapy, i've had 15 sessions of p.t. normal routine was TENS unit, rolling heated bed, ultrasound and massage. each session was an hour. heated bed and TENS unit didn't work, so they switched me to cervical traction in addition to ultrasound and massage. i had 5 sessions of traction, but still had pain.

he then ordered an emg which showed denervation and damage with my c6 nerve. since we finally pinpointed the nerve, i had my first cervical epidural on 2/10/09, with a pain management doctor. 8 days later and i am still having my symptoms..pain, tingling and numbness. the only relief i felt, lasted for about 24 hours. my second epidural is scheduled for next week.

my pain management doctor said if epidurals don't work, he would most likely put me on a long term med. we are TRYING to avoid surgery, since i am only 33.

what have you tried so far what was your diagnosis? good luck...