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Quote from soma02:
Today I purchased a Walgreens Automatic inflate BP monitor($60). I don't mean to sound like a wimp here but when this things cranks up the pressure it feels like my arm is going to pop off. Am I alone on this?

The instructions say it shouldn't feel uncomfortable, but to me it is. I even started it off real loose around my arm but there was no difference, it just inflated more.

Just a thought. I have a bp monitor which adjusts depending upon how high your pressure normally runs. My husband's can get quite high at times so it is often adjusted to 200 (if you systolic runs over 160). So if I don't readjust it for 160 and leave it at 200, I get that arm is about to pop off feeling too.

Like I said, I don't know what model you have but it's worth looking into.
Good luck. :wave:
Fiddle with the controls. If I set it to inflate to 200 (or God forbid, 240) I feel as if I am going to pass out from the pain...and the ENDLESS time to get a reading.
My lowest level is 160 and I leave it there. It is fine to any reading up to 150. IF however, I have a spike above 150 (like if the phone rings while testing) it will recalibrate to 200 and stay there til I lower it.

I have a Lumiscope.

Check for this "settability," soma.
If there really is no adjustment on the Walgreens unit and it assumes everybody needs to go over 200, I'd DEFINITELY return it. But in my heart of hearts, since probably only a couple manufacturers make all the store branded units, I'd almost take even money there IS some sort of setting control. On mine it's called SELECT!