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Percocet and soma. I take them as needed. On an average I take 1 percocet a day and 2 soma's a day. If the pain is real bad, I will take two percocets every 6 hours, 1 soma in the am and 1 flexeril at bedtime.

I have been on these meds since 2004.

Hope that helps.
I always feel guilty. I have been on meds since 2004, and I can't wait to get off them. I don't wait for it to get too bad though. I take my meds on a regular basis. If I wait to long, my day will be gone due to the pain.

DrPepper, does the Soma help with the pain? I think I may ask for that as it seems to be prescribed by a lot of PM docs.
Soma does work for me. In the beginning it put me into a fog but now that I have been taking it since January, it no longer does. However, the flexeril knocks me out.
I try to take my meds when I feel the pain starting to come back. I want to stay ahead of them because I don' t want to have to pay catch up especially now with this bad flare up. Which by the way has decided to set up camp and stay a while.

I also hate taking pills and the feeling of out of control especially with the Soma. I have to admit that the Soma does help and if I can get thru the first 30 minutes or so I am usually fine.

Well better run and try to get some sleep