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Hi Pepper,

Yes I cant sleep. If I lay on my side I cant move after 10 minutes. I have to lay there for 20 minutes and try to come up with a plan how to turn. its so odd that when I stand or sit with pressure on my spine im fine. But when i lay on my side with the pressure off my back the pain is unreal. I dread sleep. I do sleep sitting up but I want so bad to lay down. If i get in a fetal position its bad. If i try to lay as straight as i can, i get muscle spasms. Im taking soma for the spasms.I think everynight it will get better, but its the same thing. I took ambien one night but woke up and couldnt get up at all. no more sleeping pills. I know what your talking about tossing and turning.
Its nice to hear from you. How are you doing?